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Welcome to Hunter

We are here 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year, to provide not only a tow but also a courteous answer to the ever-present customer question following an accident or breakdown: “What do I do now?”

Latest News

Our new web site is up and running! Be sure to check out our new gallery of photos and keep up with us on Facebook with our link above!

Our Mission

We have always striven to accommodate our customers in every way possible, from answering their questions and arranging a rental car to giving stranded, out-of-town motorists a ride to a local hotel. We believe that a courteous, friendly attitude can make a traumatic experience a little bit more bearable. Charlotte is a rapidly growing city, and we at Hunter Auto & Wrecker Service, Incorporated, aspire to adapt and grow with the increasing demands of the city through honesty, hard work, and service to the community.

Towing and recovery services have and always will be in high demand with countless wrecker providers claiming to be the best. Our business strategy is simple: be dependable, be friendly, be reasonable, and be presentable.

Each of our drivers has been trained in-house.The majority of our employees have training certification with Wreck Master or Wes Wilburn and over four years of hands-on experience and dependable knowledge of wrecker operations and recoveries.

Running this business, Hunter Auto & Wrecker Service, Incorporated, has been and continues to be a family lifestyle. When your name is on the company, it just matters more, and you're willing to always go the extra mile to provide customer satisfaction.